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Covert Surveillance

Surveillance operations are highly successful in helping individuals and/or businesses to discover the truth. It is an extremely effective and timely method of uncovering evidence to support any investigation; whether it is employed as a means of assisting with a matrimonial dispute, uncovering hidden assets or seeking evidence of internal fraud.

Matrimonial Disputes

Whether you suspect your partner or spouse may be cheating, are considering divorce proceedings or are in the process of a divorce, we can help you to uncover evidence to support your case. 

Such services can be invaluable in support of HNW disputes, where one party has gone to considerable lengths to conceal their assets and lifestyle.

Matrimonial matters are always sensitive and we appreciate the need for absolute discretion. We employ both male and female operatives so that we may act in support of either party.

Corporate Surveillance

Cases of corporate fraud, or company employees conducting activities against the best interests of their employer are all too frequent. Common scenarios include:

Business partners talking to competitors to agitate for a forced take-over.
Employees stealing company or client assets or Intellectual Property.
Employees moonlighting on sick leave.
Misuse of company assets.
Fraudulent insurance claims.

If you suspect any of the above, we are able to act swiftly and with discretion to help uncover the truth, protect your reputation, minimise your losses and obtain evidence to assist with recovering your assets.

Undercover Operations

On occasion, it can be extremely beneficial to utilise an undercover operative This can enable direct access and engagement with a Subject and can prove to be more effective; both in terms of the value of information obtained and the cost of operation. 


If you have reason to believe that you may already be under surveillance, or if you are concerned about an activity such as:

a company merger or acquisition, 
divorce proceedings or a family inheritance dispute,
an investigation into internal company fraud,
unwanted media intrusion;

By employing physical and electronic counter-surveillance practices, we will be able to ascertain whether or not you are under surveillance and ensure that the privacy of your business and personal life remains secure. If you are under surveillance, we will be able to advise on the best strategy to counter this.